Prior Lake Palace

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This is the greatroom of a beautiful 5000 square foot lake home in Prior Lake, MN that I had the honor of shooting for the builder.  It was built by Memory Lane – a local high-end builder and remodeler that does exceptional work with a lot of attention to detail.  Though he had built the house a year prior to this session, he needed some images for his portfolio and brought me out to take pictures one late-winter afternoon.

It was an interesting shoot since the home was full of people that day.  Both the owners and their cleaning crew were around as we were doing the shoot – so we were frequently moving vacuum cleaners and cleaning products to get the pictures.  We also only had about a 90-minute window to get the shoot completed which meant we had to keep moving.  I lined up the shots while Vince (the builder) turned on lights and moved clutter.  My only regret from the shoot was that we weren’t able to get exterior shots.  It was in the last sloppy days of winter in early afternoon – so the pictures wouldn’t have been memorable.  I’ll go back this spring to get the pictures as soon as Vince can schedule it.

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Here is an image of the master bedroom on the ground floor.  As would be expected from a signature property, this room is huge!  It wasn’t as big as the greatroom or the sport court (yes – there is a half-court of basketball under the garage!) – but the king bed in here looked queen-sized.  I actually had to move the camera in toward the center of the room in order to not make it look abnormally large with the wide-angle lens that I was using.

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