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My Art Hangs in Some of the Finest Homes in Town

Prior to being a full-time architectural photographer, I spent some time learning landscape photography.  I was blessed enough to learn from one of the best – Jon Cornforth.  I went to some amazing places and shot some gorgeous images.  I even did art shows at the Mill City gallery and at Dunn Bros. Roseville.  Though […]

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Preparing for Architectural Photography

Getting a home ready for photographing is as important as the photography itself.  The process that I use for capturing and emphasizing all of the beauty in the room also can show off any flaw.  Therefore, it’s critical to prepare and everything to look perfect when I arrive to shoot the property.   I’m going to […]

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Assisi Villa

Don’t Skimp on Photography!

Here’s an article that came from a bunch of sources.. but it’s so important that I had to repost it here. Jack Cotton, a luxury real estate marketing expert, recently wrote a blog post called “How Far Would You Go For the Perfect Listing Picture?“.  The entire post centered on how critically important it is […]

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It’s All About the Light

One of the biggest challenges with photographing interiors is taming the light.  There is a massive difference in light levels around a home – especially near large picture windows.  Even with the windows wide open, the interior is so much darker than the exterior that it is very difficult to get an image that has […]

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Architectural Photography vs. Real Estate Photography

Unknown to many – even many in the industry – there are two distinct styles of photographing a property.  The two styles (as you can guess by the title) are: Architectural photography and Real Estate photography.  Both have a purpose and a market – but it is important to understand the differences. Here is how […]

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