Connecting A City

How can you make an audience care about concrete?

This was the challenge I had when Widseth Smith Nolting approached me to make a film about their transformation of Thief River Falls.  Thief River Falls is a small Northwestern Minnesota city where the large employers are on one side of town and everybody lives on the other.  Between the two was a river and a railroad mainline that made a two mile commute as long as twenty minutes.

To solve their problem, WSN built a new corridor linking the industry with the residential neighborhood with a new road, roundabout, and a couple of bridges and overpasses.  This had a major impact on the residents of Thief River Falls.

… and that was my story.  All of these physical things affect PEOPLE.  The story needed to be about PEOPLE – not CONCRETE.

We follow the stories of Maren, the mother.. Mark L, the captain of industry, and Mark B, the community services director as they talk about the impact to themselves and the community that was made by all that concrete.

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