Commercial Salon Photography

I photographed the Oliver Taylor & Co. salon as part of a website redesign where they wanted to feature the interior of the salon.  OT & Co. is located in the upscale 44th & France neighborhood, but is in an area where walking traffic isn’t likely to see how nice the salon is.  The salon is a single large room with multiple stations around the perimeter.  The challenge was to make the the salon look open, bright and inviting.. but cozy.  Rather than going for large ‘overview’ shots of the salon which I felt would make it seem smaller than it was – I emphasized ‘zones’ inside of the salon.  We also spent considerable time staging the products both near the stations and in the product display area.  This was done to highlight the top quality products that they sell as well as add some color interest to the images.

Since the property in on an alley, there wasn’t a single location that provided a nice exterior view of the property.  Since the angle of the sun made a perfect “&” shado from the “OT & Co” sign right in front of the door.. I featured that view of the front of the salon.