Architectural & Commercial

Real Estate Photography

  The Architectural and Commercial offering is perfect for showcasing a signature property or for a portfolio. Architectural Photography is performed on a day rate basis. The highest level of detail and quality will be delivered at this level with significant retouching and post-processing performed on all images as needed.

The day rate package can be scheduled in advance to take advantage of specific lighting or seasonal conditions. This offering includes normal editing and commercial usage rights and is required for commercial non-real estate usage.

The Architectural and Commercial day rate is $250 per hour.

The Real Estate packages are a high-quality way to showcase a property. The number of photos for a typical Real Estate property shoot will vary depending on the size of the property but will generally average three per room. A virtual tour is included with all Real Estate property shoots. Scheduling of the property is done on an earliest availability basis.

  • < 1499 sq. ft.: $160*
  • 1500-1999 sq. ft.: $170*
  • 2000-2499 sq. ft.: $240*
  • 2500-2999 sq. ft.: $270
  • 3000-3499 sq. ft.: $335
  • 3500-3999 sq. ft.: $375
  • 4000-4499 sq. ft.: $440
  • 4500-5000 sq. ft.: $470
  • 5000 sq. ft.+: Starting at $525

* Please note: There is a minimum charge of $250 per project.  This makes sure that all jobs can be given the minimum time required to deliver the best quality.

* Please note: additional costs will be required for photographing features such as farm buildings or community amenities.

Property Video


Property Feature Video

Includes up to 3 minutes of HD video, background music, and hosting.  Filmed with Hollywood-style cinema cameras and production gear.

  • Properties less than 5000 fsf: $300
  • Properties 5000+ fsf: $500

Platinum Property Video

Includes a longer than 3 minute video, planning session, narration, and hosting.  Perfect for Estate or Commercial properties.  Perfect when additional features like extensive landscaping, pool areas, beachfront or outbuildings need to be featured in addition to the home.

  • Price determined by the requirements of the project

Narrationadd $150 to the Gold or Silver Property Video

Film projects are by nature very custom since every story is unique.  We spend the time in pre-production to find your story and find the best storytellers.  We develop the story side-by-side with you to make sure we are telling your story in the most compelling manner.  We get to know the story as good or better than you do.

We spend several days filming and interviewing subjects.  We go on location.  We shoot it all in gorgeous 4K using real Hollywood film-making tools and techniques. Finally, we edit it into something amazing. Film project quotes will be customized for your requirements but range from $2000 and up.

Aerial Photography and Video


Mark Teskey Architectural Photography is fully insured and licensed with the FAA (Part 107 Remote Pilot License) and the State of Minnesota (Commercial Aviation License) to provide aerial imagery.

We fly a variety of airframes to meet the needs of your projects.  We’ll select an appropriate aircraft for your project needs.  Our primary aircraft include:

  • DJI Inspire 1
  • DJI Phantom Pro
  • Tarot T810 Hexacopter (suitable for large cameras)

Aerial Photography/Video: Starting at $150


Because of our licensing, we are allowed to legally fly ANYWHERE that airspace is uncontrolled.  We ARE able to obtain authorization from the FAA to operate in controlled airspace near airports, but this may require up to 90 days to obtain. Please call to consult if you have any questions about your project.

Unfortunately, if the airspace is controlled and we have not obtained advanced authorization from the FAA, neither Mark Teskey Architectural Photography or any other provider will be legally able to do your aerial project.

Weather is also a scheduling factor.  We do require a day with no precipitation and winds 15mph or less.  If the weather or atmospheric conditions do not allow flight we will be forced to reschedule.

Photography Add-Ons

Virtual Tour: Included on all Real Estate projects

The Virtual Tour has a professional slideshow player to display the images in an automated fashion with optional music. The tour includes an MLS-safe version free of all branding, a branded realtor version that includes a realtor information page and a contact form, and a statistics page to monitor traffic.

Photo montage video: $75

The photo montage video places the slides into an appealing video presentation with a tasteful music background. This video can be self-hosted or hosted on YouTube.

Dusk Exterior Photos: $150

The Dusk Exterior Photo is a high-impact way to show off a property by photographing it during a very narrow window at dusk. Additional lighting is added as needed to add impact.